About Us

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Our legal firm specializes in providing services for legal entities and individuals in the field of: civil and commercial law; labor and family relations; insurance law, in particular, the provision of comprehensive legal assistance in relations with insurance companies and government agencies that control the insurance market (compensation for damage in road accidents); protection of intellectual property rights; real estate, construction and land relations; corporate law; banking, financial and tax law.

Our law firm provides:

  • legal consulting, as a result of which you get specific answers to the questions posed, as well as reasonable recommendations for further options. Such consulting services at your request can be provided both orally and in writing in the form of analytical notes (memoranda)
  • Development of necessary documents of various legal nature. Since it happens to be extremely vital that all legal relations have a clear and understandable legal and commercial basis, in our work a special place is drawn up by drafting business contracts of any orientation and level of complexity