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Unicol products


Unicol products


Unicol, a UK manufacturer, with over 50 years of trading, provide mounting solutions for the pro-AV industry.

A major initiative published by the BSI saw the introduction of PAS122, Specification for the Installation of AV equipment in schools and public areas. Unicol products meet the safety standards set out in the publication, and see this as a stepping stone to further National Qualifications for the AV industry.


We supply the following Unicol products:


Unicol flat panel ceiling mount parts (19)
Unicol flat panel ceiling mounts (19)
Unicol flat panel desk stands (4)
Unicol flat panel floor stands and kiosks (51)
Unicol flat panel trolley parts (57)
Unicol flat panel trolleys (40)
Unicol flat panel wall arms (18)
Unicol flat panel wall mounts (58)
Unicol flat panel wall parts (11)
Unicol Huddle collaborative tables (5)
Unicol metal lecterns (7)
Unicol projector ceiling mount kits (16)
Unicol projector ceiling mount parts (55)
Unicol projector security ceiling mount kits (12)
Unicol projector trolley parts (27)
Unicol projector trolleys (3)
Unicol projector wall mounts (2)
Unicol rack mount cabinets (13)
Unicol video wall mounts (17)



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