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Tripod screens



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Tripod screens


Tripod screens

Tripod projector screens are portable and can be used anywhere. If you are using a screen in a conference room, then a wall screen gives a far neater look. You may also want to purchase a tripod or other portable screen as well, for when you take the projector to other locations. Tripod screens are usually square in shape, generally inexpensive, making them ideal for use with overhead projectors (OHP's) as they too project a square shape.

Tripod screens, although usually square in shape, are height adjustable. If you open the screen to full height, you will get a square screen. Opening them to 3-quarter height will give you the 4:3 rectangular screen shape, which will match the 4:3 image shown by the projector. Opening them a small amount will give you a 16:9 widescreen shape.

Please note that Wedgwood only supply products to businesses, government bodies, educational establishments and charities.  We do not sell to private individuals.
Model Type Width Height Aspect Diag Pro Ten- Surface Additional Price




ratio inch type sion      
Sapphire tripod 125x125 Tripod 125 125 1:1 71 Front   Matt white   £60
Sapphire tripod 150x85 Tripod 150 85 16:9 67 Front   Matt white No top border £75
Sapphire tripod 150x150 Tripod 150 150 1:1 85 Front No Matt white   £60
Sapphire tripod 180x102 Tripod 180 102 16:9 82 Front   Matt white No top border £95
Sapphire tripod 200x113 Tripod 200 113 16:9 90 Front No Matt white No top border £120
Sapphire tripod 200x200 Tripod 200 200 1:1 119 Front No Matt white   £120
Sapphire tripod 240x180 Tripod 240 180 4:3 119 Front   Matt white   £180
Sapphire tripod 240x240 Tripod 240 240 1:1 136 Front   Matt white   £195

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Projector screens up to 399cm width £20+VAT
Projector screens from 400 to 499cm width £100+VAT
Projector screens 500cm width and above £175+VAT