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TOP-TEC products


TOP-TEC products


TOP-TEC was the original brand for Dalen security products and as a natural progression has expanded to include the Amington industrial product range.

TOP-TEC Security (Dalen) is a BSIA (British Security Industry Association) and BESA (British Education Suppliers Association) member. ISO 9001-2000 approved and with many products LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) and 'Secured by Design' accredited.


We supply the following TOP-TEC products:


TOP-TEC rack cabinet accessories (13)
TOP-TEC digital signage, VC and tower stands (9)
TOP-TEC flat panel stand logos (2)
TOP-TEC projector ceiling mount kits (4)
TOP-TEC projector ceiling mount parts (46)
TOP-TEC rack cabinets (15)
TOP-TEC security accessories (2)
TOP-TEC Synergy collaborative working tables (11)
TOP-TEC Voyager lecterns (12)



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