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Lecterns for AV presentations and churches

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Lecterns and podiums for education, public sector, medical and businesses across the UK 
Lecterns by manufacturer including TOP-TEC, anchor 
   Lecterns by manufacturer

   Anchor  OPTI  Sapphire
   TOP-TEC  Unicol

Corporate and business lecterns
    Lecterns by application

    Auction house lecterns  Audio visual lecterns
    Church and pulpit  Corporate and businesses
    DDA Education  Hotel and restaurants  Podium

Lecterns in wood or melamine with education or company logo

    Wood lecterns

     Wood veneer lecterns - all wood lecterns


Auction house, AV, church, pulpit, corporate, education, podium, DDA, hotel and restaurant lecterns

OPTI Trilte lecterns
Metal lecterns

Metal lecterns - all metal lecterns 
   OPTI Trilite lecterns
   TOP-TEC Voyager lecterns 
  Unicol lecterns

OPTI Trilite aluminium lecterns

    Lecterns by price

    Lecterns under £300+VAT
    Lecterns under £500+VAT

Acrylic lecterns from lectern manufacturers

    Acrylic lecterns

    Acrylic lecterns - all acrylic lecterns

Rack cabinets, DDA desks, presenters, conference room and lectern  accessories

Collaborative business and education desks 
Collaborative working desks

   Collaborative working and huddle tables
   Large format displays for huddle tables

Presents, teaching desks and av rack cabinets 
   Teaching desks and rack cabinets

Rack cabinets, teaching desks and presenters
Lectern and conference equipment

   Lectern and conference equipment
   Audio  Conference phones  Copyboards
   Display screens    Projectors Projector screens 
   Video conferencing systems  Whiteboards

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