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Draper products


Draper products


Draper Inc. is headquartered in Spiceland, Indiana, a village of 800 people located 40 miles east of Indianapolis, Inidia. The company was founded by Luther O. Draper in 1902 to manufacturer window shades for schools and that was Draper's primary product for the next years.

Currently the company is owned and managed by the descendants of Luther O. Draper and has enjoyed steady growth for the past 100 years, shipping projection screens to more than 75 countries.


We supply the following Draper products:


Draper fixed frame projector screens (9)
Draper manual pull-down projector screens (37)
Draper mobile front projector screens (11)
Draper mobile rear projector screens (11)
Draper pull up mobile projector screens (20)



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